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The Club has several kilns available to members either singly or as a group.

Bookings must be made with the
Kiln Officer
Pottery and Glass

Jennifer Arthur on 0402726828

Please read firing instructions before turning on the kiln. Should there be any damage to the kiln or furniture you need to notify the kiln officer to ensure repairs are carried out promptly.
You must not leave the Raku kiln unattended during firing.
This is a safety requirement supported by the Workplace Cover Regulations Tenancy Agreements & the Insurance Policies.

Limited space is available to
store greenware prior to firing,
all work is stored at members
own risk

Kiln Firings

Electric Kiln

The club has a number of kilns available for members, either singly or as a group, to fire their own work: 3 electric kilns for ceramics, 1 top hat gas raku kiln, 1 glass slumping kiln & 1 jewellery kiln. To find out which dates kilns are available to be booked look at our website

Bookings must be made with the kiln officer Jennifer Arthur: 0402726828.

Each member can have one bisque and 2 glaze firings per month, however the club does organise regular  member group firings as well.
A member can only book a kiln if payment for previous firing has been made.

Four days is allowed for kiln one as it takes longer to cool. Three days for kiln two. Unfortunately only one kiln can be fired at a time.

Procedures when packing the kiln: Prior to firing – make sure the kiln shelves you use are well coated with kiln wash (provided by the club) & no sign of any cracking. Note which kiln shelves are being used in your firing: all shelves are to be numbered & need to be noted on your firing sheet. Any sign of cracks or glaze drip are to be reported to the Kiln Officer.
After firing Check for any damage which may have occurred to the shelves, (e.g. glaze melt onto shelf). It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the firing to repair the shelves before handing over the kiln to the next user. If the shelves are left damaged the user will be charged for repair of damages.
Cones are provided & a number of stoneware glazes & raku glazes are available with cost calculated on size of item being glazed.
You must fill in the kiln firing sheet attached to the kiln book. Record the units of electricity at the beginning & at the end of the firing process & work out the costs to be paid
at the end of firing your work.

Payments need to be made in advance (where applicable). 
.  Electric kiln firing is $0.80/perKW used in firing.

.  Raku kiln $40 per half day, $80  full day or $20 for one firing.

The person booking the firing must be responsible for the total cost of the firing.

Raku Kiln
  1. Half day $40.00
  2. Full day $80.00
  3. Single firing $20.00

Pottery Kiln Booking Calendar

Please check the dates available. Phone (text) the Kiln officer to book a kiln.
Jennifer Arthur 0402726828

Glass Kilns

Operating Glass Kilns
  1. Never ever place anything on the lid of the kiln
  2. Unplug the kiln, vaccuum amp; clean before use
  3. Check shelving - clean & kiln wash if necessary, Let dry
  4. Do Not Change the Firing programs 1 or 2
  5. PROGRAM 1 Fuse for spectrum glass & float glass - Class
  6. PROGRAM 2 Slump for spectrum glass - Class
  7. Fill in the Firing book & Club attendance book
  8. After unloading, make sure the kiln is clean
  9. Turn off the kiln & turn off the power at the wall
  10. Fill out the slip with your details
  11. Pay the club for the firing

Kiln & furniture care
  1. Follow established firing schedules
  2. Apply thin layer of kiln wash on the shelves & ends of props
  3. DO NOT leave the Gas & Raku kiln unattended
  4. Clean shelves and props after firing
  5. Report any broken or missing furniture